Change Control Room GUI

For comparison - Old Control Room:

The Control function is to take incoming signals and route them to outputs. Sounds like a mixer more or less. Because it is more or less. Compared to:

Wait, that’s not the control room, is it? Why yes it is, only it’s when you want to see the meter…

clickety click:

Horizontal sliders, not faders. Function name written right on top of the slider making it harder to read what the heck you’re looking at, instead of under the fader. And yet again more tabs - MORE CLICKING! Totally breaking with mixer and design convention.

In addition you can check this video:

at around 12:50 you can see a good example of the lack of visual feedback and requirement to click around to get crap done. Not to mention that the whole thing looks like a poorly designed Fisher-Price toy.

No comment of course…

100% with the OP.


If it ain’t broken… don’t “fix” it.

It’s only been six months since this thread was started, let’s all be patient, right Steinberg?

Seriously, how much effort is it to just tell us if you’re going to change this or let us suffer through this sucky eyesore?

Do we need to campaign these issues more publicly or?






used to be somewhat elegant, now its like the mixconsole-- ‘designed by mattel’ (the MC is in fact all designed by one person from what I heard, little wonder things can go the wrong way).

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I just posted this in another thread:

well there are things which I like in the current version:

When mixing only I can integrate the CRoom into the Mixer - so I can reach stuff fast and easy. Monitors mainly.

But when recording a gang of four musicians it is a PAIN to work with.

Wouldn’t it be nice to keep the current version - as a part of the mixer - and have a second one (like we have more than one mixer) - which is designed as a “traditional” mixer? With real faders, like a real mixing desk…

So the “new” one, nicely integrated in the Mixer, could be used for accessing MY stuff - internal stuff - and a second one for the cues… Lets call it “Cue Mixer” …

Which is EXACTLY what the guys over here are talking about…

I too am liking having the control room attached to the mixconsole but a separate cue mixer is a great idea - although it should have more cue sends, as four is just not enough.

4 are usually ok here - but I can imagine larger studios - a full band could use 5 or more cues…

To implement what we all want and need should not need a “redesign”.

Just keep the “mixer-sidebar” controlroom as it is at the moment (please do not change again and again) but just add something like that “Cue-Mixer” - GUI could be based on the Mixer GUI - but just with “controlroom / Studio channels”.

If those Studio Outs / Cue Sends could be “part” of the Mixer itself we could just set up one of the 4 mixers for that - disabling all other channel-types… only keeping the Studio Outs 1-4 - or better - 1-8… Ok - there needs to be integrated all those metronome options though… but after all; This would be all we need I would say.

That sounds perfect to me.

I’m getting around this by using Lemur on my iPad. I just made a CR setup that shows what I want. It works fairly well and is a viable workaround. BTW, those numbers and letters at the top of each channel are insert on/off and edit buttons for each insert channel.


Darren “Two Cents” Ingram
Lemur CR.PNG