Change Cubase 6 skin

Hello everyone.

I bought and installed Cubase 6.5 today. Everything is fine I am adapting quite ok. My one and single problem is that I can’t stand the “transparent” objects. Is there any way to make objects in the editor look more like Cubase 5?
I am open to any way you might know.

Thanks in advance!

of course: Preferences > appearance settings!

Thanks a lot mate :slight_smile:
After some search i found it.
I guess there is no way to remove this gradient color object style right?

right, there is no option to adjust this.
Aseity, is this gradient color object style a real problem for you?
personally, I think the complete GUI looks even better in C 6.x, also the regions.
(not unimportant thing is that you´ve calibrated your tft screen)

I understand that it might seem weird to someone, but in fact although i like almost every change in C6, there are 2 things that annoy me very much. The gradient colors is one. Mostly because i believe in simplicity. The more bubbles you have in your DAW or your OS the more your eyes loose focus.
The other thing is the fact that in C6 when you select an object (a red object for example) it goes black. It makes me go nuts when i am editing. :confused:

today I´m workin´with C5.53 and I must admit that in this point it´s easier on the eyes.

Yes, lots of users say this. :-/
+1 to Skin possibilities