Change Cubase 7 colors to be like Cubase 5

I am fairly happy with the colors used in Cubase Studio 5 (CB5) for audio events and the sample editor.
I just purchased Cubase Elements 7 (CB7) and the behavior is quite different.

  1. In CB5 the audio signal is white on plain gray background. In CB7 it is dark gray on graduated dark blue background. The darkness makes it harder to see details.

  2. In CB5 all audio tracks are the same color scheme. In CB7 each one is different. I prefer to have one color scheme for all audio events.

  3. When I click on an event in CB5 the colors remain the same, i.e. white on gray. In CB7 the colors invert, e.g. dark gray on dark blue changes to light blue on dark gray. Very annoying when I have selected 1 of 2 mono channels but I want to edit them both. How do I prevent the color from changing when selected?

How can I make the CB7 color behavior like that of CB5?
I’d also like it to be the default behavior so that it used for each new project.

Thanks for any help!