Change cued instrument via Properties

It would be really useful if we could select a cue, or a bunch of cues, and change the instrument that is assigned to the cue in the Properties panel.

What I currently do in this situation is to double-click one instance of the cue and type the instrument I want, followed by Enter. Then I Copy to Staff Above/Below. The new cue will replace the previous one on each staff. It’s not as quick as what you have described, but it is not an onerous task by any means.
Even quicker, once I have changed one instance of the cue, I Copy it, select the target staves and Paste into all of them at the same time.


Yep, this is what I also do.

In my current situation, though, I’ve ended up moving material completely from one instrument to another for the whole flow. A heap of the cues were in the drums - maybe 12 rhythmic cues all up? I now need to rename them all.

It’s no biggie and it’s only happened like one other time since I’ve been using Dorico. I just thought it might be a nice touch and would also save the steps we already use for cues that are at the same rhythmic position.