change cursor definition rythmic grid

Is this possible to change the cursor definition rythmic grid ? when play to define if the cursor move from quarter to quarter or8th/8th or smooth?
it’s for educationnal exercice.
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Yes, you can set a key command (search for “resolution”), or change it at the bottom left corner of the window.

Thanks for your anser : I think you you speak of this?:
But it doesn’t do the job! When I change the value the cursor when play move allways at the definition: value has no effect
I speak about the cursor (vgreen vertical line) not the carret.
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Oh, I understand. No, sorry. There’s no way to control the green playback cursor in that way.

few good news but many thanks

If it helps, you can also move the playhead forwards/backwards by frame and in a few other ways as well.

I think Dup wants the playback cursor to click from beat to beat (or eighth to eighth) to show students the progress of the beat.
As Dan mentioned, it is not possible (nor likely to be).

I recall this has already been requested (non linear move of the green line) and Daniel was not that reluctant at all. Maybe an option can be added.

If one thinks about this: when exactly should the cursor jump?
When a note starts or when it ends?
As “a note” is an event with a duration it would be (for educational uses) be better to switch on the metronome click and watch the green line moving…