Change default prefix name of duplicated track?

Just quick question:

Is there any chance to change default prefix of name of duplicated audio track?

For example:

You want to layer 4 synth sounds so you add first audio track and name it SYNTH_1. Now is it possible to change something so when you duplicate this track it will be named SYNTH_2 instaead of Copy Of SYNTH_1 ?

P.S. I know work-around using project logical editor, but it doesn’t help :slight_smile:

Try double clicking on the name and renaming it. Might be what you are looking for

You can get close by making a macro as follows:

Project - Duplicate Tracks
Process Project Logical Editor - Name Append “_01”
Process Project Logical Editor - Name Replace Search String "Copy Of "

Use this macro instead of the Duplicate Tracks command.

This is still using PLE which may not be what you want. You have to make the two PLE presets and you’d still have to replace the numbers at the end of the name, but it makes it slightly easier.