Change Default Program in Halion sonic SE

Does anyone know how to Change Default Program in Halion Sonic SE. Getting a little tired of First Contact. :neutral_face:

There should be a “Save as Default” button. Just load the programs you want and click that.
Maybe it’s only on HALion Sonic and/or HALion though…
Maybe it’s a right click thing… On the context menu… Trying to remember… :blush:

Thank you for your reply.

Yes. There is a Save button, however the program opens with First Contact even if we initiate the program with our own saved presets.

It works here unless I misunderstand your desired result.

Load a program or programs you want in the program slots.
Right Click in the Multi slot and select Save as Default.
Create a new Instrument Track using HSSE.
HSSE3 should open with the new program or programs in the slots.