Change default sample rate to 48/24?

Is there a way to set the default sample rate for all new projects to something other than 44.1 / 16 bit? Seems really stupid if not. How hard can that change be?

I’ve been bitten by this a couple times where I find out I forgot to change the sample rate when I created the project to 48/24 and find that its 44.1/16.

I realize I can create templates that I should use that are saved as 48/24 and thats what I will do but if I use one of the pre-existing ones I get bit.

7.5 working well for me so thats really my only big grip outside the cpu meter always holding an over even though you didnt do anything.

I take it from the deafening silence that there is not.

So I guess its to steinberg now as that’s the only thing on my wish list for new features. ability to set default for sample rate and bid depth.

First set the rates in your audio interface. Then open a new project in Cubase, go to project setup and set your desired sample and bit rates. (sometimes you need to check twice to make sure the changes have been correctly applied.)
I think it will stay that way every time you open a new project. If not, save it as template. That easy.

Sorry you had to wait one day for someone to answer. :wink:

Good luck.

Any setting you make is still overridden by the settings in a template.

You could spend a short while opening all the templates, change their settings to your preference and re-saving as template with the same name…shouldn’t take too long (I would back them up if you later update Cubase though)

Or forget about the Steinberg templates completely and just make your own exactly suited to your needs.

Grim is correct and lays out what I need to do. Wont take too long although seems like a bummer versus setting appropriate default or inheriting system settings.

I guess the point I was trying to push would be nice if that were the default and only would I need to update in project preferences should I desire something different?

How many of us have made a 16 bit recording cause we were moving fast only to discover and miss the headroom later. I certainly have a number of times.

Its been over a decade since 16 bit was standard in any digital recording and compared to 24 its a massive difference.

In my opinion the templates are never quite what are needed anyway.
I found it much easier to just set up my own in a quiet moment. Example recording drums, drums and bass, just vocals, etc. And all 24 bit of course.
Didn’t take long.

I created a “My Empty” template with all the settings the way I want.
Other than that, you can create multi-channel presets for specific recordings, and add them to the project according to the needs. For example, “4 mic drums” or “2 track vocals” with all your basic plugins and settings already in.

After selecting 24/48… All new empty projects default at that rate except for mastering which always remains @ 16 bit. I always master at 24/48 also with final expert @ 16 bit after mastering for digital downloads/stores.
Even friends with big studios with SSL/Protools produce at 24/48.

I never use the production templates. Every song is made fresh from empty :smiley:

i don’t quite understand the solutions given. Of course one can make templates with the desired sample rate/bit depth. The problem is when launching Cubase, it switches the sample rate to the default 44.1. After that, opening projects with other sample rates gets into convert file dialogs and other complications. Even opening a Cubase project file with the a sample rate of 48 doesn’t help. Cubase will first switch to audio interface sample rate to 44.1, and then open the project, and tell me the sample rate has changed.

Cubase always sucked at this.
I have several times opened a new project, only to later discover that I had not set the project setup earlier and now everything is 44,1 and I want it to be 96 or whatever I want and stay there.!
the same goes for outputs it always resets it to just stereo out and stereo in.

I can of course, set a template - but in my opinion that shouldn’t be necessary.

the problem often is that even if I am on time and able to switch from 44,1 to 96, sometimes cubase crashes when I do so. or when I open the same project again, it switches to 44,1 before it tries to switch back to 96. Meaning that it either fails then OR that it thinks that I’m running 44,1 because it failed and then wants to move all my files around.