Change default "Window Layout"? Preferences?

Both in the Project Window and in the Channel Editor. I know how to make changes , but I have to redo it every time I reopen new projects, etc.



are you using Workspaces? If yes, then you have to update the workspace after you make a change.

Not at my DAW at the moment, bit how do I update my workspaces? I don’t use that feature.


If you are not using Workspaces, all window should open, how did you leave them at the last moment.

If you are using Workspaces, you can define, where and how will the window always open. Even if you move/change it later on, once you call the Workspace again, you will get the stored window layout. For updating the Workspace, use the Update item in the Workspaces menu.

But if you are NOT using Workspaces, you should always get “the latest window layout” setup, as I mentioned already.

Btw: I really like Workspaces. :wink: