Change directory data

Hi I just need a shortcut to change the directory of Cubase data.
I have two HDD using Windows Vista. I saw that Cubase saves some GBs of data related to some Steinberg plugins in one directory of Windows:


in the drive where Windows is installed.
My problem is that I would like to avoid this drive to work with Cubase data and move everything in the installation where Cubase is, and save space for the main system drive.
Is it possible?

Thanks for any suggestion.

Any suggestion?

I am wondering who to ask to, the forum is not aware of any solution and the tech support does not respond either…

You should submit your question to Steinberg support. If you have done this, they will answer. If for some reason they do not, ask again.

Exactly what directories in the Steinberg sub-folders are being filled with GB’s of data? The two paths you specified are not Steinberg’s, but parent directories for all applications on your system. Also, it might help to specify which Steinberg related plugins Cubase is saving data for.

You can, but you’ll have to move your ENTIRE windows profile.