Change display note start.

Hi guys!
I love the new easier option to change the display length without modifying the midi information.
Is there any way of modifying the note start?, vert often, live performances won’t fall in the grid, and changing the midi would simply make it feel unnatural.


The Display Length setting is not new.
For the note start you’ll have to use Display Quantize.

Yeah, that’s why I mentioned the new “easier” option :wink:

I wish they would have added an easier way to deal with note starts as well, it would be a lot more intuitive than changing tools and have to deal with different options.

Which brings me to the question, why aren’t Display Quantize options showing up in the new properties panel?, it ended in this weird mixed workflow where some things behave as expected (I can select a note a change its properties), but Display Quantize symbols brings the old dialog and we have the set the properties first before using the tool and it’s not in sync with what is selected :neutral_face:

Thanks anyway!

That would be great indeed.

I imagine that the scope of properties in the new Right Zone is not “frozen”. It’s an opportunity for adding new elements. I personaly hope for Expression Maps settings there, among others.