Change Divisi function and the CC104 in NotePerformer

CC #104 is used for changing player amount in each ensemble player.
At present (Dorico 3.5) we have to manually set this MIDI parameter it through the “PLAY” mode, and this is not managable together with the operation of changin Divisi setups.

(Sometimes I use “change divisi” to turn ensemble string into solo.)

I wonder whether Dorico will have any accommodation to improve the user experience of managing such MIDI CC parameter changes.

You can also add custom playing technique to noteperformer expression map (add-on), for example ”solo” that sets CC104 = 1.

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Thanks for the idea. I wonder whether this can cause conflict with other ongoing techniques.

you should be quite safe with add-on techniques, but I do have a problem with transposition of harmonics and add-ons. But this shouldn’t be a problem with noteperformer

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