Change duplicated midi parts at the same time using linked parts

Is there a way that I could edit one midi part and it will change all the duplicated parts in the track at the same time? Eg I edit a 4 bar bass midi part and every where else in the track where the bass part is duplicated it will change also.

Highlight all the parts open the editor then highlight all of the MIDI notes and change all at once

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Normally to duplicate an event you Alt+drag it (on Windows).

If you want to make a linked copy, add Shift to that - you’ll see a “=” icon in the top-right corner of the event(s). This means they’re linked, so editing one will update the other:


Perfect, that’s exactly what I was after. Thanks

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Just a little jargon clarification.

These are actually called Shared Copies not “linked.”

However in the Project Window you can Link MIDI Parts, Audio Events and Audio Parts together - this maintains the timing relationship between the Linked Parts & Events and they will move around as a group.

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Thanks, good to know!

I actually didn’t even checked this. Just assumed that since it’s called “shared copies” in Studio One, then it HAS to be called differently in Cubase :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: