Change Duration and Add Rest

Goal: Turn a 1/4 note into an 1/8 note and 1/8 rest.

Problem: When I select the 1/4 and click the 1/8 note in the notes palette, I get an 1/8 note, but then all the following notes shift left. There is no space for the rest.

Idea: Is the only solution to go ahead and change the 1/4 to 1/8, and then use the insert carat to add the rest? I’d rather just change the note and let Dorico keep everything else as is.

Make sure Insert mode is off.


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Wow. That was easy–thanks.

Can’t believe this wasn’t mentioned in Groove3 or MacProVideo training. It’s crucial fir MIDI import cleanup.:sunglasses:

Yes, Insert mode should only be used if you want to insert/delete notes and have the following music move ahead/back by the inserted/deleted length.
That sounded more complicated than it is. :grinning:


Gotcha. Thanks. You explained it well.

Having notes move left in insert mode after a delete does not seem intuitive, but once you know how it works, it’s no problem. :sunglasses:

It’s just like deleting in a stream of text – except that there may be other concurrent staves, which is why Dorico now has 4 insert modes.

We’re so used to insert mode in text now, I bet most people don’t know/remember that half a century ago overstrike was the default behavior on computers.