Change durations multiplicatively?

Hello, I’m quite new to Dorico, so I’m sorry for the newbie question.

Is there a way to change durations multiplicatively for factors different than 2?
Can we triple durations? Can we have them become one third of their value?

(I guess that this is something one could easily achieve via a little script, but from what I have read in the web the Dorico scripting system isn’t documented yet…)

Thanks in advance,

Welcome to the forum, Daniele. At present there’s no way to do this, but it is something we would like to add in a future version.

It would be very useful, indeed, especially if it will include using tuplets or dotted notes in these calculations, correctly. It would really speed up things in certain cases, when composing.

Although no change is simple, I expect it’s the tuplet situation that is the biggest hurtle.