Change Engraving Options for specific instruments?

I’m wondering if there’s a way to set engraving options for only some of the instruments in a score. Here’s what’s going on:

I’m arranging for a marching band, and while it is customary for the winds to have articulations placed notehead side, the Drumline (and their instructor) is accustomed to having their articulations stem side. Is there a way to change the placement of ALL articulations for SOME instruments? If not, consider this a request :slight_smile:

No, engraving options are global at present.

You can, of course, select all, filter articulations, and then flip them all in a matter of seconds, though.

Can you filter Articulations…? I think you might have to manually select the notes.

We can’t filter for articulations, as they are properties of notes. Even if we could, you likely wouldn’t want to flip all of them, just the ones below. This is a job for a preference setting.

For this purpose I think I would just change the setting before printing/exporting the percussion parts. Easy enough to change it back.

Oops. I must have been thinking of playing techniques. shucks… sorry all!

These options do exist for any selected notehead with an artic:


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