Change feature a little - snap to clip end and/or cue point

I’ve noticed when I’m trying to line up clips in the montage there is a small issue…

Sometimes if there’s a short fade in or fade out (just a few ms), when I try to drag one clip to match another it will snap to the cue point of the fade rather than the left clip side or right clip side. This is a problem because in order to line up Clips I have to zoom in super far so that I can truly line up with the clip side instead of the cue point for the fade…

Anyway, PG, if you are willing to fix this, that would be awesome… I don’t mind that it suggests the cue point, I just wish that by dragging a little further it would also present the option to select the clip side.


I posted about this along time ago, but I just wanted to make sure it doesn’t get lost…


What about simply disabling the related magnet?..

I’d have to check, but I seem to remember the quirky behaviour happening exactly like toader describes.

Yeah, that might work… I don’t often snap to cue points… I’ll give it a try. Thanks!


I tried this. Works perfectly! I’m psyched! I just disabled snapping to clip cue points… Gotta remember it’s disabled though in case I’m every trying to snap to cue points again sometime in the future.

Thanks PG!