Change/Feature Request for PQ Sheet/CD Report

Would be great if we had the option to completely remove the 2 sec pregap from the PQ Sheet/CD Report and all of the Start times. Due to DDPi delivery almost completely replacing CD Masters the only time I need to provide PQ Sheets are for vinyl releases.

I know there’s the “Start Time in Audio Montage” option but checking this doesn’t actually remove the Pre-Gap from the PQ sheet, and only Wavelab users will know what a Montage is when it’s listed on the PQ Sheet. Because of this it’s slightly easier to leave it as a CD Pre-Gap but it’s getting rather embarrassing having to say “please disregard the 2 sec pregap on the “Start” times”.

Wow. This sounds exactly like (at least) one of my previous posts/requests. I know exactly what you mean.

I think there have been enough requests of this to justify something to change in the future. More of an “Audio Montage” report rather than a specific report for CD which as you say, is very rare these days and trending towards obsolesce sooner or later.

Other related requests are to report the track times in min/sec/milliseconds rather than min/sec/CD frames or whatever that last value is which is not relevant to any other format besides CD.

Hey Justin, I’ll admit I did see your post on the thread about reporting on track times but I was here to check the forum for exactly this issue before I posted so I thought “I’ve got the same request, and I think it deserves its own thread!!”.

I think the CD frames request goes hand in hand with this one. Really really hoping PG adds this to the top of the to-do list. Although I’m on 7 rather than 8, WL is very nearly perfect but my all wants tend to fall into the “Boring Pro Workflow Wishlist” category rather than being any sexy brand new features :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice studio btw… API 2500 users STAND UP!! :slight_smile:

Thanks. Sometimes I think about adding another outboard compressor but the 2500 is so solid. If it’s not the right compression choice (which is rare), I have a lot of software options and can still use the 2500 to drive input of the A/D converter as needed for loud/modern stuff. The output/make-up gain is so clean and solid.

I have to update the photos with the new PSI A215-M monitors.