Change flow numbers

Hello Dorico users, Is there any way to start a new project and name your first flow number as, say, 17.
I’m working on a big project and, yes, I know one Dorico project is in theory able to handle a 90 minute orch score, but I find it far too massive and unwieldy. So I’m breaking it down. So that’s why I want a section 17 flow heading at the beginning of a new project.
Thanks for any advice…

I’d also like to know if there is a native way of doing it.
The workaround i’ve used is to edit the Default Flow Heading. Insted of the flow number token use another available token (for example “Work number” or “other information”) then you have to write every new flow number in the respective field in the project/flow info window.

You could create 16 empty flows at the beginning, and not include them in any layout. The first flow visible will automatically be number 17.

No, I’m afraid at the moment there’s no way of starting the flow numbering beyond 1, but we’ll think about how best to accommodate this in future. Pjotr’s suggestion of using dummy flows is fine, but of course I’m sure you would prefer not to have 16 dummy flows in your project.

Thanks, Daniel and everyone.

Just adding a data point with another case of wanting to manually adjust flow numbers.

I’m working on a big opera score where each scene is a separate flow, except that in the middle of the opera we have an “attacca” scene where some instruments are tied into the next movement (argh) — so I’ve had to combine those two scenes into one flow, but now the flow numbers are messed up from that point on. I think I’ll use a spare field in the Flow Info window (and adjust the Flow Heading template to use that in place of the flow number), but it’s a shame to have to give up Dorico’s magic auto-numbering.