Change focus to Audio Inserts/EQ/Sends/etc

Is there a way to set up a Key Command so that you can jump between Audio Inserts or Strip or EQ or whatever part of a given track while in the main Arrange page?

I’ve been through the Key Commands window and didn’t seem to see anything that fit the bill, but just in case I’m missing it.



You can assign Key Command to the Open Next Section or Open Previous Section. Or you can assign dedicated Key Commands to Toggle…

  • Channel Selection
  • Equalizer Section
  • Inserts Section
  • etc.

But these might work in MixConsole only.

All of these you can find in the Key Commands > Inspector.

Wow - very helpful, thanks!

The only downside seems to be that VSTis are controlled in a slightly awkward way by these commands. i.e. a Command for Insert which toggles audio Inserts on an Audio track, toggles MIDI Inserts on a MIDI track.

I can see the logic, but from a mixing point of view this is a little odd. I’d like to have a Command to always open audio Inserts regardless of what type of track it is. I’ll make a feature request if I’m correctly assessing the situation.

I have been asking forever for improvements on multiple focus issues…ever since C7. Assuming you have the physical monitor space and take advantage of the 3 mix consoles, the main arrange page, sample editor, and midi/drum editors, there is no way I know of to focus these except ctr+tab which scrolls through any open windows. You can also use the KC that opens/closes a mix console to focus. But other than this, I have found no good navigation method for users of multiple monitors.

I think Martin just gave you the best that currently exists regarding mix console navigation KC’s.