Change Folder Location of VST3 Presets

Whenever I open Dorico, a VST3 Presets folder is created in my Documents folder. I to organize my documents folder, and I was wondering if that default folder location can be moved. I saw this thread saying you can’t, but since it’s been 3 years and things might have changed, I figured it was worth it to ask again.

Sure, you can always ask, but I’m afraid to say, also after 3 years the answer is still the same.

Alright, thank you! I’ll just create a symlink instead, which is almost as good.

FWIW, I don’t get a “VST3 Presets” folder in my Documents folder.

I get a “Steinberg” folder in my Documents created as soon as I try to save from the standalone app of HALion 7.

If I save from the HALion VST plug-in, that preset goes in /Library/Audio/Presets. (or possibly the User library version of that path.) and not in the Documents folder.

This is on a Mac; perhaps Windows is different.

Yes, on Windows it is different.