Change font globally afterwards


I am trying to figure out, how to change the default font of text and chord symbols in Dorico for iPad after you already created the project. Is this maybe a subscriber-only option?

Go into Preferences from the Application Menu (top right) - General. In the top box, to the right is a place to change the text font family*. I don’t think there is a way to change the music & chord typefaces once you begin the project. I believe that has to be set in the initial setup.

*I do have a subscription, so I don’t know if it is there because of this - or for everyone.

Yeah, you were right and it‘s not a subscription feature!
Maybe to change the overall font globally can be implemented in a future update? Until that my Ear Training class has to stick with Petaluma and Academico. But thank you.

You’re welcome and welcome to the forum.

We will add a means of changing the music font (between the two factory-supplied defaults of Bravura and Petaluma) in the next update to Dorico for iPad. Thanks for the feedback!