Change/Forcing Chord Notes to Root position in Editor


Is it possible to change a chord that is inverted to Root position? I have a midi track where there are some inverted chords that I would like to convert them to root position. In the chord track they are in root position ( say G, C, etc.) I just tried Chord Editing and It did not work. Even when I use Match the chord to chord track. Any idea?

I’m not exactly sure if this will help, but, if you turn off Adaptive Voicing in the Chord Track, you can set inversions from the Info Line using the mouse wheel to scroll or click for a drop down list of available inversions.

In the Key Editor, under Chords, there are some other options to change inversions. Sometimes those yield interesting results. Select notes and then choose an inversion – drop 2, drop 3.

Good luck.

For chords of midi notes use the commands listed in the Chord section of the Key Commands dialog.

I don’t know what was in the mind of people who developed this. I wish I was following as in the music theory as in root position and inverted chords the 1st, 2nd, 3rd inversion. I am not saying this is not useful but it doesn’t not go with music theory. For lower Dropping notes or inversion one can easily hold shift and use arrows to do that.

For the version of inversions in Inspector, they could use key modifier to do inversions, say holding alt key, moving it up rather than down.

Thank you.

Sorry, these observations are not accurate.

Cubase’s harmonic tools are one of the strongest parts of the program.

Triads are offered in both open and closed spacing. Seventh chords have a similar set of inversions of voicing. Drop 2, Drop 3 are standard terminology in popular music.

I’ve assigned inversions to various pads on my controller and I’m also migrating to Metagrid with similar functions. If I need to set inversion or voicing by hand, the tools Cubase offers are fine and in keeping with standard music theory. I’ve often gotten good voicings by just using the Inspector and Inversion tools in the Key Editor to move pitches around. YMMV, but good luck.

Thank you. I will try to follow your method.