Change in behaviour of notating harmonics?

If I turn cello notes into artificial harmonics the notated pitch stays the same. That wasn’t the case in an earlier Dorico version where the harmonic notation adjusted to the notated pitch without a harmonic. Has there been a change and every note needs to be transposed when changing it to a harmonic?

There haven’t been any changes in the way harmonics are handled recently. I recommend reviewing the docs:

It would be so nice to have a popover entry option here!

Yes, we know. It’s definitely planned!

Somehow I remember using it that dorico automatically changed the note (transposed it down) to the right fingering when change the not to a harmonic. Did I dream that? I couldn’t find anything in the manual. Now I have to transpose the note to the right fingering every time I change it into a harmonic.

I think you did dream that, yes, sorry!

Daniel, the borderline between dream and reality is always blurred in Dorico! :rofl: