change in instrument flow has no effect on full score!

I’m making a gabarit for educational purpose with a lot of fragment, and use the method of independant flow in one instrument and see in one page in the full score( like your Cage Number 5 demo).

I think that we could have an option to keep or not the changes/creation from flows of the instrument in the full score i.e if we move something for example a txt ( Ctrl +x) in the flow of the intrument, the full score are unchanged what is sometimes annoying.we must make the change two times.

Some screen capture to show and better explain this this:
the flows created in the instruments:

and the result in full score not the same:
flow full score.png
I can understand the philosophy for text or rehearsal, but perhaps different text fonts with different functions like in Sibelius could begreat?
but for stem, I can’t understand ?!
best regards

Thanks for your feedback. I agree that in due time we need a way of copying properties from an item in one layout to other layouts. We’ll come up with a way of doing that as soon as we can.