Change in track volume after update to 12

I was using 11.5 until recently and decided to take the plunge into ver.12. I have had some very strange experiences regarding Voice volume. Example: I assign track 1 a Halion 6 instrument. I assign track a different Halion 6 instrument. The settings on Halion are the same for both instruments, but track 2 I can barely hear, and Track 1 is clearly softer than when I used the same instruments in 11.5 projects.
I’ve loaded projects made using 11.5. They are very soft. (Even though the output meter is close to the red.) It’s the same with the instruments. If I can hear them clearly they are right at the red line.
I have not changed any hardware prior to the upgrade, so it has to be a setting or a bug, or a new feature. Regardless, I do not like it. I can barely make out what the instrument sounds like.

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Is the control room being used in either the c11 or c12 projects? If so, maybe the settings are not identical? …

I don’t think the “elements” version has a control room.?

Sorry about that (re: control room), i didn’t notice where you said you had elements.

To confirm your hypothesis that c11 handles volume differently than C12, did you in one session create an empty project in each and then add one single Halion voice to compare?

I’ve found that if i don’t do that i always get messed up with some “hidden” plugin i forgot about that’s messing with the sound.

Don’t worry about the “Elements”…you’re not the first and probably not the last. I do appreciate your comments.

I didn’t realize I can still run V11. I will try the comparison you recommended. (I have opened projects (made with V11) using V12 and everything seemed off. All levels were lower and the mix was not as flat. The problem, however, is that the audible level of any given track seemed to have little to do with each other.

I found the issue. My system developed a buzzing noise with digital clicks/pops. Loud enough to be annoying. I tried various methods to remove the noise and the only one that worked was an in-line filter. It didn’t cause any issues with any PC audio output, until recently. I removed the filter and Cubase output returned to what I was accustomed to.
I will have to figure out why the filter suddenly had negative effects on the output. (My setup is crazy. I have a PC, UR22, Echo Dot all connected to a pair of cables that get split to go to an amplifier and a subwoofer. Multiple mini-plug stereo joiners and splitters and mini-1/4" adapters and mini to RC adapters.)
Thank you so much for your input. Very much appreciated!!!

Ok, great you found out why!

Re: the need for filter in first place for buzzing noise, etc. …

Sometimes that all gets better (obviating the needed for a filter) if everything can be plugged into the same wall socket (directly, or indirectly through an extender), if the bad sounds were caused by a grounding/earthing issue.

Also, trying to rearrange cables/wires so they don’t cross each other as much (best is not at all) can sometimes help.

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