Change instrument between flows

I’m working on a multi-movement work setup with different flows. The players who change instruments only do so between flows. Is it correct that in a case like this, Dorico doesn’t give a warning to change instrument and that this has to be added manually as text?

I think it only warns you when you change mid-flow. If this is indeed the case, then I suppose an option to show a warning at the end of the previous flow would be a nice offering.

It’s correct that you won’t get a change label unless you’ve turned on Layout Options > Players > Instrument Changes > Show instrument change label at start of Flow.

I seem to remember this, as well. I might even have requested it. In the meantime I’ve already turned on Show Instrument change at start of flow.

“In the meantime”…?

Does the Layout Option give you what you want, or are you after something more than that?

A warning at the end of the previous flow would often be handy, although I can imagine this to be problematic, and it’s not that big a deal to add the warnings manually.

The obvious instance of this being problematic is a situation where a part contains Flow 1 and Flow 3, but not Flow 2 (perhaps because the project is a musical and Flow 2 has been cut). If Flows 1 and 3 are bass clarinet and Flow 2 is bari sax, you’ve got a problem. If you’ve added the text manually, you know it’s your fault if it’s wrong :wink: