Change instrument but keep flex phrase?


Is there a way to change the instrument currently selected, but keep the flex phrase setup ? Often it happens to me that i like the flex phrase sequence but just want to try different instruments with this same phrase, but when i change the instrument, it resets the flex phrase and i need to re-select it again, loosing a lot of time…

Not that I’m aware of.

Amadeus e.d.p

That would be a good feature for future updates.

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Hi discohouse,

If you don’t have the Editor or Studio versions of Melodyne it might be worth buying because you can render the midi to audio in Cubase and then use the Melodyne ARA extension function which will show you all the individual notes of the phrase and then you can use Melodyne’s Audio to midi function to create a midi file and then you can use any VST instrument you like! :smiley:

Hope this helps?

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James Colah

Hello James,

Thanks but actually the midi export of flex phrase notes is already a feature on Halion itself, isn’t ?

Hi again discohouse,

Sorry I didn’t realise that. You are correct, you can record the output of Flex Phrase and then drag those midi notes onto the timeline and assign any VST to that midi performance, but now I’m confused because I thought you wanted to use a phrase you liked but assign it to a different VST which is obviously what you can do?

Have I misunderstood what you’re trying to achieve?

Actually what i would like is, scroll thru the sounds but keeping the same flex phrase… when i change the sound, Halion resets the flex phrase setup.

Hello discohouse,

Not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for but, might be useful. All HALion Instrument sound presets are really treated as individual Programs made up of sections and sub-components. Flexphrases are a sub-component of the MIDI Modules section in any given Instrument preset. Changing the Instrument or individual preset will load in all the saved sections and components that make up the Programed Sound. So, keeping a single MIDI MOD section/Flexphrase open and scrolling through Instrument presets is not possible. But you can save Flexphrase’s as “User” presets and load them into any HALion Instrument preset.

Let say you have an Auron preset loaded and like the Flexphrase associated with it and want to hear how it would sounds in a Trip or Voltage Preset. Make sure the “User” parameter is turned on (located next to the Activate or “Act” parameter), then click the save function (located in the top right), rename it and save. That will create a custom User Flexphrase that can be loaded into any HALion Instrument preset. You’ll just need to load in the sounds you want to audition into individual instrument slots and select your saved User Flexphrase into each of them.

Not ideal and easy as changing sounds in one slot but, it’s an option you could try. Hope this helps.


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Thanks xerogh, this would help a lot !

I tried save my flexphrase so i could load it again in a another sound. I could save , but i could not load. Can you please guide me how to load the saved flexphrase in a new sound ?

Hello discohouse,

Glad to hear this was helpful! The loading of User Flexphrases is a little different than with stock ones. You load them using a dropdown box located on the top of the Flexphrase section (see attached picture).

Also note that saved User Flexphrase’s include all variations, as well as the Trigger Pad assignments. So Var1 will be the 1st Pad Var2 will be the 2nd, etc… But if you have Trigger Pad’s that have recorded (ex: keyswitchs or chords), they will be retained. Trigger Pad recorded data is saved separately (yes, those can be customized and saved to use with other sounds as well).


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Thank you very much for the explanation xerogh. My problem is, after i save the preset , it won’t appear on this list. The only item on this list is ‘–Default–’. Maybe should i save on a specific folder ?

Are you saving the Flexphrase using the the little floppy disk icon? The one located next to the dropdown list arrow in the picture I sent?

I was saving on the wrong folder, it has to be this one :

/Users//Documents/Steinberg/HALion/Sub Presets/MIDI/Effect/FlexPhraser

Thank you very much , this is a game changer for me, will improve my workflow a lot ! :smiley: