Change Instrument Dialogue doesn't show up

I am trying to change the instrument in a piece from piano to harp, but when choosing Change Instrument, the Instrument picker dialogue doesn’t show up. It’s not hidden anywhere. When I create a new player, I can change the instrument as usual, but not in my original piece. Any thoughts why this isn’t possible?

It’s a known bug. I’m forgetting the reason it happens. I’m looking for a previous thread on the issue.

The added staves should be the culprits for this “bug”, IIRC.

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Ah, that was it. Thanks Marc.

It doesn’t look the way. I removed the extra staves so it’s a pure piano 2 staves part, still I cannot change to another instrument.

It’s a persistent bug. Removing the added staves doesn’t allow the Instrument Change to work. You’ll have to add a new Player.

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Ok, thanks. I hope this bug will be fixed in 4.1

It’s not a bug, rather a limitation. Hopefully you’ll find it takes you only a few moments to create a new player holding the desired instrument and then copy and paste the material from the old to the new.

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In cases like these, perhaps some kind of modeless error message should appear…somewhere, like on the status bar at the bottom, rather than having the operation silently fail? That way the user isn’t left wondering if it succeeded, and can diagnose what went wrong if it did not. This could also be useful e.g. when entering invalid text into popovers.

I agree. The number of threads on the same subject in the past shows that a lot of people have wondered about this behavior. 1 -2 -3 -4 - 5 -6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11

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