Change instrument for some notes

I’m new in Dorico and I 'm looking for a way to change instrument (violin instead alto for instances) for some notes even only one
The problem is the tessiture of alto that Dorico is unable to playback the high harmonics and there it will be useful to change to violon.
In Sibelius it’s very easy to do that but I don’t found that in Dorico.

Does one player hold both instruments?

If so, go back to Setup, select the alto, press Shift-I, and add a violin to that player. Drag the violin so it’s above the alto (that part doesn’t really matter I guess).

Then switch to Write mode—>Galley View, and move those desired notes up to the violin staff (you can use Alt-N and Alt-M to move notes to adjacent staves). Then switch back to page view, and they’ll display correctly with an instrument change label.

This video may be helpful in showing you what Dan describes.

Thanks !
But that works for a beat or bar (not for single note because when I see in engrave mode the note applied to the other instrument is separated from the other notes, impossible to beam it. (see "only harmonic alt M)
Anyway, even for a whole bar or beat (that’s run fine in this case) remain the problem of the legend “VN” and “A” that I can’t erase. I tried putting coulour white in properties but It doesn’t work.
There’s a way to hide “VN” and A ?
only harmonic alt M .tiff (19.3 KB)

Another solution is use NotePerformer for playback, since it doesn’t seem to be prescriptive about instrument ranges (at least for the instruments where I have exceeded the range by accident!)

You can edit those labels in Engrave mode via Properties.

Dear Daniel,

I Edit in Engrave mode via Properties but it’s not possible to let personal text empty (if I do that the abbreviate name of the instrument back again)

Input a space.

Thanks Craig ! that works !
Have you some idea for beam the single note coming from the other staff ? ( see (see “only harmonic alt M”)

Hi Rob

I tried Noteperformer and it’s true that the range is not limited, but the price of it is very expensive for such sounds quality (the harmonics are simply notes non vibrato (not really harmonics and the col legion and snap pizz are awful)
But I will be glad if Dorico allow that at least.

I bought dorico and I very disappointed that the problem of extended range because of harmonics not was taken into account in Dorico 2
I must return to Sibelius for that ? (even if The range is limited on Sibelius too, I can change instruments easily even for only one note ! Impossible in Dorico)