Change instrument names/satff labels in different layouts/parts

Hello eveyone! Is it possible to change instrument names/staff labels in different layouts/parts?

Could you elaborate a little bit, please? There is a solution involving layout Clef and Transposition override, but not sure it would solve your problem, as there is literally no information in your question!
(There’s no “free” way to write whatever you want wherever uou want in Dorico, because it focuses on the semantics, that’s why we need to know what the problem really is to help you with a working workflow)

I am working with a cello and piano score, where the cello has two staves: one for the fingering and the other for the actual sound, since it uses several scordaturas.

I am using 2 cello instruments for these staves within the same group.
Group name: Cello.
1st staff: Sounding
2nd staff: Fingered

In the cello part I would like the Sounding and Fingered staves to be displayed as they appear in the full score (without the group name).

In the piano part I would like only the Sounding staff to appear but labeled as Cello instead.

Ah ok. Yes, you can use the player’s name instead of the instrument. So I suggest you name the player Cello and tick the Show player’s name in the Piano part layout options>Staff and Systems > Labels.


Thank you so much, @MarcLarcher ! It was much easier than I thought…

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