Change instrument question 2 (Solved)

Daniel, the steps you gave me on how to change instrument from Oboe to English horn worked. The thing is, it gives me an extra staff only on the page were the change occurs. This is usful in some situations but is it possible not to have an extra staff at all? Just a reminder (“Change to Eng. Horn”) and have the instrument sound on the same staff as the Oboe? No extra staff.

The separate staff exists only in Galley mode. On your score and part printouts it will all be on one staff.
That’s the way it works in Dorico. It’s a great approach.

(And please do not start a separate thread to respond to an already active thread.)

Sorry about the extra thread. I saw the extra staff on the page view. Only on the page that had the changed instrument, not on the other pages. I’ll have to check and see if there is anything I did wrong.

I found out what happened. I added the notes to the wrong measures. The measures I added notes to for the English Horn already had notes from the Oboe. Thats why Dorico gave me the extra staff. Great in the way Dorico sees that.