Change instrument to unpitched percussion

I wish we could have the possibility to change a five staff instrument into an unpitched perc.
Importing percussion from an xml or midi file sometimes gives a five staff instrument and then I can’t change to unpitched but have to create a new unpitched and copy to that (which works, not a huge detour but still).

Have you tried “Change Instrument” in Setup?

That won’t work in this situation. You would need to be able to change a pitched instrument directly into a multi-instrument percussion kit, which isn’t possible.

MatsHall, unpitched percussion is not available when you select “change instrument”, which is what I asked so I understand from Daniel’s answer that I have to keep going via copying to a new instrument.

Ah, I’m sorry, didn’t understand you had multiple instruments on one staff.

I don’t necessarily, I have some drum imported via xml and it shows up as single notes on a 5-line staff. When I try to change from a 5-l staff, unpitched percussion does not show up as an alternative. So I have to copy to a newly created unpitched instrument (which works fine). It’s a detour but not to cumbersome.