Change key command for input note higher/lower

Hi all

On Mac, to while in note input mode:

  1. to input [note] above prior note, you press opt-shift-[note]
  2. to input [note] below prior note, you press ctrl-[note]

I’d like to change the key command for option one so that “opt-shift-[note]” is now accessed by “ctrl-opt-[note]”

This would make workflow faster, because hand position would not have to change as dramatically.

However, I can’t find the option to change this key command within the Dorico key commands section. Is it possible to change it?


I’m not sure if you can but here’s something I do when I’m trying to figure out key command labels within the menus etc

  1. Pick any random function in the key commands editor
  2. Without clicking “Apply”, add a key command that you’re trying to find the function label of - in your case it would be Opt-Shift [note]
  3. you should get a little warning such as “this key command is already being used for [adding a note below an existing note etc] and then you have the title of its function.
  4. Search if its available to edit.

There are many key commands that are not adjustable and you cannot view in this menu but this is what I try.

Jeez I hope that makes sense :flushed:

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Don’t worry - I just checked for you! :joy:

You can’t edit it in the Key Commands editor. If it’s possible (which I’m not sure of), you’d have to manually edit the json file. A quick search should help you find some instructions on that.

Thanks for the tip!

About your json comment, I’m hesitant to go messing with the config files of the program – can anyone else confirm this is a good way to go about getting my preferred key command?

Hi. I think Daniel is right, you should manually tweak the keycommands_language.json file to achieve your goal, ensuring you remove the shift+alt+note command. It’s come up before, and I think finally people have realized it’s much faster to let Dorico write in the wrong octave and after it’s written, activate the lower/raise 1 octave command (cmd+alt-down/up arrow or even num -/+ as many users have done). Granted, it adds a step, but in the long run, you won’t really waste time there.