Change Layout by clicking on Layout-Name

is there a way in setup mode to tell dorico to always show the layout that is selected in the layout bar on the right? It should work the same as in the print dialog, which always shows the layout you selected in the layout bar on the left. It happens to me so often that I for example change key and transpose settings for transposing instruments and wonder why the display doesn’t react … until I ralise that the selected and the displayed layout are not identical.
Thank you for the help.

No there isn’t a way of doing this at the moment, I’m afraid. My colleagues can correct me but I presume this is because you’re likely to be doing quite a lot of, well, setting up in Setup mode, selecting layouts and assigning players and flows to them, meaning it could get quite choppy if Dorico is switching what’s shown in the middle every time you select a different layout.