Change Logic Board of my MacBook - can't reactivate

hi - can anybody help me with this?

I bought a UR242 audio interface, downloaded the drivers going with it and Basic FX Suite was installed and activated in the Software e-Licenser that was also installed.
Then I download Cubase AI (coming with the UR242) activated it and bought the upgrade to Elements and also activated that. Everything worked find, did some work on a song with it.

Then my MacBook Pro had a problem and Apple decided to replace the Logic Board - which solved the problem. All software was wiped.

Reinstalling the software as mentioned above I find out that I cannot re-activate in the SeL since I can’t find the original SeL, no software to reactivate! :S

I noticed that I was led to register the new e-Licenser, something I hadn’t done, wasn’t aware of, was assuming that given the fact that the SeL communicated every time you open it with Steinberg this would have happened automatically. Also the upgrade to Elements I bought in the Steinberg webshop. I did register the UR242 itself, that seemed obvious to me.

What to do? I have an Apple document mentioning that the Logic Board has been replaced.

Thanks a lot for any help to get me going on working on music again!


(NB I sent through MySteinberg a message to customer service, the message has been read but already 2 weeks no reply - is this normal?)


Do you have any software registered in your MySteinberg account? If so, typically you would select “reactivate”, select the SeL and then type in the new SeL # on your computer. Regarding re-activation, please review the following support page:

From your description I’m guessing you have no registered products. In this case, you will need to wait to hear back from support. If you haven’t already, please also check your junk/spam folder since occasionally the e-mails can be re-directed there.

Another option, if you have the old activation code (starts with 0240) please PM it to me. I can look up the old SeL so you can register and then reactivate.


hello Alex, yes I do have the original Activation Codes, I will send by PM. Already thanks for your efforts, much appreciated! Ciao, Albert

Excellent! I’ll keep an eye out!

It all worked fine Alex, am up and running again. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: