Change Master Meter back to normal size?

I have no idea what happened here, but my normally large Master Meter is now small, and the area that it used to take up is a large white space. I don’t have the control room enabled. Has anyone run into this? I’m on 9.10, but opened the copy of 8.5 that I still have on the comp, and it’s the same way. I’ve never seen this before.


Did you try to resize the window to force Cubase to recalculate the view?

Yes. It didn’t work. I closed and re-opened the window. I restarted the program, then the computer. So far, no effect, and weird because it did it to both 8.5 and 9.1. In the process of reinstalling 8.5, and I’ll stick to that for now. I really liked the sample tracks in 9.1, but it’s just too unstable on Windows 7. I’ve had more problems with version 9 on my comp than the entire time I’ve been using since Cubase 7.

Just a thought…

Try upgrading to the latest version of 9. Maybe a file or two will get rewritten and your issue might get fixed. Can’t hurt to give it a try. :wink:

Regards. :sunglasses:

9.20 was a mess for me. Something went wrong, but i have no idea what. Giving it a shot again.

Could you try Safe Start Mode?

Is it in the MixConsole window or in the Control Room window?

From the Window menu, select Windows…. Here, select the window from the list, and click to Reset Layout.

Thank you for all the help and ideas!

I’ve been at work, which are 16 hour shifts for me, so haven’t had time to respond. I had the problem in the console window, which was on a separate monitor. I tried resizing, but couldn’t get it to work. As I was reinstalling (8.5 first, then 9.2), I downloaded 8.5 and it installed no problem. Tried several times that evening to download 9.2, but the download would slow to a crawl, then stop completely. Downloaded it the next day, and had both of them installed. I turned on my Novation Remote 25 keyboard, and in 9.2, the meter immediately went small again. I had installed the Remote 25 the day that I first started having trouble with the meter size, but didn’t think anything of it.

So… I uninstalled all Cubase software and synths, uninstalled the Remote 25, and reinstalled the Cubase software. I was initially running 9.1 since 9.2 had given me some serious problems, but wanted to see how 9.2 would behave with a new full re-installation. 9.2 ran great, and I saw none of the weird behavior I had before such as sudden crashes and freezing or the program crashing on exit.

I then reinstalled the Remote 25, but only the USB drivers. Cubase continued to run normally.

I then installed the Automap software, and that’s when everything began to screw up. As soon as the automap software started, the master meter went to the small graphic with a large white space underneath, and I began experiencing freezes and sluggish behavior. So, I uninstalled everything, then reinstalled all the Cubase software and the Remote 25 USB drivers, but NOT the Automap software. I had assumed that since Automap ran fine with version 8, that it would in 8.5 and 9.2, but it doesn’t. I just assume that Automap is incompatible with 9.2.

Everything is now running great. Hopefully, if someone runs into this in the future, they’ll see this thread.

Yep. Support only goes to 8, but it worked in 8.5. I thought it would in 9.