Change Master Section Preset Folder


I’m trying to move my Master Section presets folder into my Dropbox, so it stays synced with a 2nd system where I also work with Wavelab. I’ve moved all my presets, now need to change the folder where Wavelab is looking.

I’ve changed the Preferences->Global->Setting Location folder to the folder I want to use, and moved my presets there. They don’t appear when I try and load from the master section, and the default location has not changed.

I’ve changed the Folders->Companion Files folder to the folder I want to use, as the manual suggests this is used for Master Section presets. Still no difference - the folder the master section load/save dialogue is using does not change.

What am I missing? How do I correctly change the folder location that the Master Section preset commands use to load and save?

Many thanks for any help,


hi Jules just been looking at the Global Preferences General Tab regarding a plugin preset saves problem I was getting. What I found regards the Global Preferences is this.
I wanted all my WL preferences and settings in one place so I selected Specific Folder option and in my case selected an external SSD location.
Under the Synchonization Setting I set this folder to a master location on my network which could be accessed by other machines. and set it to Synchronise at Every launch with Mirror Preferences and Mirror Presets.

When I next launched Wavelab the folders for presets and preferences were created as duplicates of those in the Specific Folder I set under Settings location.

I assume the update master would create a copy in the same way during a session.

Checking outside of Wavelab with finder (Im on a Mac) showed the files in the two locations were mirrored OK.

So I would guess the Master Folder would need to be your dropbox location and mirror the Preferences and Presets options at every launch selected.

Hope these observations assist.


This is extremely helpful Dave. I’m just experimenting with different settings, but it looks like this may provide the solution I was looking for.

Many thanks for your help!