change mediabay "rating" > item disapear from list

changing “rating” in mediabay search result erase item from list

this happens in full window mediabay and docked mediabay

i have to redo the search to get the rated items back in my list,

As my library is quiet big it takes times each time
very annoying when you are trying to audition and rate quickly sounds

NOTE : i have already scanned my whole library before
(selected only my soundbank folder and let cubase scan it for a night)


sounds like the default save location is not included in your regular scanned locations. Changing the rating actually (i think) causes a re-save of the file, the other option is you just have too much lag with Cubase scanning for that change.


thanks, what do you mean by default save location ?

all my sounds are organised in 1 folder ( and subfolders ) on a NAS ( 7TB ).
And it is the only scanned folder in mediabay, and where the database is located also.