Change mediabay “rating” item leads to disappearing it from list


I searched a forum and found this:

Exact the same situation with my Cubase 11 and
It’s all ok with my drives and locations.

regards, Alexander

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I have that too.
The quickest solution I found was pressing reset filter (the |<< button next to Logical and Attribute at the top). This only works though if you only have put a search term and haven’t specified any filter attributes.
If you have some filters active, you can change - for instance - the sub category and change it back. So then your search isn’t lost and the ones you changed the rating are back.

It’s a work around though, seems to be a bug to me.

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Yes. It’s a bug:

Another workaround - update results (small button near the results count)

kind regards, Alexander

hahaha there’s an update button. embarassing :slight_smile:
well I think I’ll use that instead from now on, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi again, I think it’s fixed with todays update.
(Release notes say “Rating media files in the MediaBay no longer let entries in the result list disappear afterwards”, it works for me now)

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Yes, just tested - 11.0.10 fixed an issue! :metal:


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