Change meter from 2/4 to 3/4 - bar stays in 2/4

Hi, I made a video of what happens:

I have a 2/4 bar and I’m changing it into a 3/4 bar, the meter appears different but the bar stays in 2/4, with he metronome clicking two beats and the bar showing 2 crochet rests.

Does anyone know what’s happening?

Thanks a lot


Activate Insert mode (i) before changing the time signature.
Deactivate afterward.


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That is standard. When one adds a meter change before an established meter, Dorico expects the altered time to be added/subtracted manually SHIFT + B 1q (or -1q) to add (or subtract) a quarter note value, since Dorico cannot guess where in the new measure the altered time should exist.

This will operate differently if Insert has been activated.

many thanks, I didn’t know that

Shift B + 1q or - 1q I think Derrek meant.