Change MIDI channel for project track using CC121 button


I need to be able to change the MIDI input channel for one of the tracks in my project while playing. The purpose of this is: I am using Vienna Instrument for a live performance, in one piece I start with a strings section and I need to add a horns section without interrupting the performance.

Is there a way to configure one of the CC121 buttons for this task?

Kind regards!

Ralf Gabriel

Did you try selecting Category=“MIDI” and Command=“Toggle MIDI Input” for one of the Buttons under “User Commands” in the Device Setup for the CC121?

I don’t have a CC121 but would like to somehow change the MIDI channel via key command if possible. “Toggle MIDI Input” doesn’t seem to do anything for me and I have several MIDI inputs. I don’t see what would be toggled. I have tried this keyboard shortcut in the Project window and in the mixer, with it assigned to a key on the MCU (Mackie Control Universal) and as a shortcut.

This seems to be the only post about that command on this forum. What is it suppose to do?