Change midi channel of input device

Hi, I found some posts on the forum but I’m confused.

I know about input transforming and generic remote devices in general, but I don’t see how to do this:

I want to change the incoming midi channel of a external input device. I know I can do this on a track base. I also know I can assign input devices to tracks, BUT: my life could be much simpler, if I was able to more quickly assign my two keyboards to tracks. It would be nice if they would send on channel 1 and channel 2 so I could just select the track’s input channel while playing. (the input device menu is full of stuff and it takes much more time to change often).

So: can I somehow tell cubase to change all incoming messages of one device to another channel?
Sadly with both of them I can’t really configure the midi channel in the device itself.

Or maybe there’s another trick how I could more quickly assign devices to tracks.

(I basically just want to play two different VSTs with two keyboards and be able to change quickly).

Any help appreciated as always, thanks in advance

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Ok that won’t work anyway, I can’t select an incoming channel on an instrument track, I just can change the channel my input data is send to the VST, right?

That’s not how it works.

Use the input transformer. There are presets that come with Cubase to do that. Don’t forget to turn the module on with the little on/off switch.

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Yeah, I figured, my question was pretty much garbage, sorry.
Channel Filtering ist what I’m looking for in principle.
But it needs even more clicking to move the setting from one track to another than finding my device in the input device selection.
Hmmm, maybe there’s no quicker way then.
But thanks, I’ll try to play around with it a bit.

You should set the channel on the keyboards, not the software.

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