Change midi input

Hi there,

I have very little experience with midi, but I’m trying to use an arpeggiator VST in cubase. The instructions say that I should:

create a new track for the arpeggiator and add chords to the arpeggiator track

then, for the vst instrument that I actually want to be arpeggiated, change the midi input to the arpeggiator track.

Basically the arpeggiator track should become the input for the VST instrument track.

But when I go to change the midi input for the instrument, there are only two options:
‘not connected’
‘all midi inputs’

i.e. the arpeggiator doesn’t appear in the list as per the instructions.

I am using Cubase LE7 - is this just a limitation of that version? Or am I missing something?


Hi and welcome to the forum,

Do you use any MIDI Keyboard/MIDI Controller?

Do you use the arpeggiator as MIDI Insert effect?

Hi Martin,

Thank you for the welcome, sorry for the delay I was expecting to get an email notification.

I’ve now managed to get a workable alternative, so not so worried anymore. Thanks anyway!