Change Mute/Solo buttons position in the lower zone of mixer view

Hi guys,

I would request/suggest to move the Mute/Solo buttons in the lower zone of the channels in the mixer view.
There are many times when there are Plugins windows opened and is needed to close it for change the mute/solo status on the mixer but the lower buttons are visible.
The visible buttons in the lower area are relative to the automation W/R and I experiment that are way more less used in the mixer view.
I suggest/request to exchange the position of the M/S/L/e buttons with the lower buttons relative to the W/R…for allow us to better manage Mute/solo status when there are plugins opened.

Hi, you can use the shortcuts for that job…M for Mute and S for Solo,for the selected cha nels,of course…

thanks, I know. I mean situations that have more than one channel muted/soloed and need to be managed every time