Change note and rest size of a single voice

Is it possible to change the size of all notes and rests in a single voice?

I guess it depends on why you want them to be small - if you want them to be small to represent literal cues, there’s a dedicated feature for that.

If you want them to be small to represent optional notes on a staff, you can select the whole range including rests, filter for the required voice, and use either the Scale or Custom scale properties in the Common group of the Properties panel (at the bottom of the window).

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The scale feature does not change the size of rests.

Odd, it does for me. Are you definitely selecting the rests as well? Or are you wanting to change the size of rests in a percussion kit (as no the Scale property doesn’t apply to percussion kit rests)?

It does for me as well. Select the first note or rest, go to Edit → Select to End of Flow and filter the voice you want to scale. Than you can scale the whole voice in that flow at once.

Yeah, I’m trying to do it in a percussion kit. I’m trying to do slash notation with rhythm cues, but I don’t want to base the cue notes on data in another staff. I just want to enter them as I see fit. After adding a center line slash note and an alternate high-hat notehead for cues it all works well enough, but I want the cues to be cue sized, not full size.

Ahhh, than ignore my post.

Unfortunately you cannot currently edit the rests in percussion kits at all. This is a limitation that will be addressed in a future version of the software.