change note duration of a whole melody

I would like to change duration of the first four notes to half notes in a way, that the melody will fill the next two empty bars without affecting the position of last three notes. (see attachement)
How can I do it? If I will change note duration in „insert mode”, last three notes will move to next two bars. If I will do it without „insert mode”, the melody will be destroyed.

Two options to get your started, though I can already think of more:

  1. Type the notes out again (definitely quickest in this particular instance).
  2. Copy and paste to somewhere else - a different stave, or a different file, or a different flow. Then turn on Insert Mode and change the note durations (using Write > Edit Duration > Double Note Duration) and then paste back.

Thank you for advise.
This was just example, I have much more complex score, so first option is not for me.
The second is not so handy. It seems Dorico still can be better in the field of manipulating note durations.

I’ve got the same issue. I input 8th notes by mistake and I want them to be 16th notes. If I use the change duration feature, it changes them to 16th notes but adds a 16th rest between each note. I want it to compress down the entire duration of the selected notes to half, as though I entered them during note input at 16th notes.

Press I to use Insert mode.


@jesele thank you, this fixes the issue. Enabling Insert mode before doing the change duration command shortens from 8ths to 16ths without inserting extra rests.

As many users will be able to chime in, just make sure you turn off Insert mode as soon as you’re done with it. Otherwise all sorts of unintended mayhem may happen.

Yes, I should have warned about that, Thanks Rinaldo.