Change note head size without changing accidental size?

In a current project I’m using diamond shaped notes to signify notes of indefinite value, i.e. they stay active until the next change of note, but I don’t want to have the accidentals get bigger. It would be nice to have an open diamond shaped note that was full sized. Or if I could change the accidental size independently. I’m guessing this can’t currently be done?

Could you add the accidental separately as a glyph? (By the way, I agree that diamond shaped notes to my eye look small - but this is probably in the eye of the beholder).

Also, have you tried each one of the 4 options for diamond noteheads? The White Diamond Notehead style may be what give you the look you want.

The attachment shows the process of pasting in the glyph for the natural and sizing it to be a “normal” size in front of the regular Diamond notehead changed to 150% of its normal size.
diamond150 with natural glyph.png

The white diamond note head is what I want. The size is fine for harmonics but not if you want to use it to function differently. The attachment you posted is what I’m looking for, so thanks for the info.

Under note heads / diamond I don’t find a true diamond shaped note head as in your example. They are all canted and I only have 3 choices under that heading and the last 2 look the same.

That’s odd, with my version of Dorico I have 4 choices as shown in the attachment. By the way, the attachment in Post #2 is using the regular Diamond notehead, not the White Diamond notehead.