Change Number of Pre/Post Fader Slots

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I frequently want to change the number of pre/post fader slot for all channels. It is pretty time consuming, to do that for each channel manually. Is there a way to do this globally in some settings menu? Or if not, does anyone know a clever workaround?

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Does the Q-Link works here?

Thanks for the reply.
Q-Link doesn’t work here.
I tried with dragging the green pre/post-bar and with the menu something like “make this slot the last pre slot”, while havin Q-Link on. Doesn’t work.
It would be really cool, being able to set things like that globally, or save it as a default.

I tried using the Mixer > Pre/Post toggle key command with Q-link and it worked. Give it a try.


I’m not sure, if I understand, what you mean.
There is a pre/post toggle for the sends, and that is linkable, but I’m talking about insert effects. I don’t see a pre/post toggle, for the inserts, that is linkable.

Sorry; I didn’t catch that you meant for inserts. No, the Pre/Post toggle only works on Sends.
You should create a new post requesting a key command toggle for the Inserts to toggle Pre/Post. Make sure you tag the post ‘Feature Request
The other thing you could do is Friday at 10 a.m. EST check into the Club Cubase with Greg Ondo and ask him. You can submit questions ahead of time by emailing him at
One of the regular users has complied ALL of the topics answered in the the twice weekly Cubase Hangouts and indexed them so they’re searchable (link below). It’s an excellent and often overlooked resource.

Cubase Hangout Index

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