Change object start position without affecting end position


Is there a quick way to change an object’s start position while maintaining its end position? For example, can I lengthen or shorten a selected hairpin on the left side instead of on the right (the latter is what happens when using option+shift+left/right arrow keys on a Mac)? If not, wouldn’t it be great if one could just press an additional modifer key (control?) and get control of only the start position of an object? I would find that a great time saver!


Not using key commands, but yes when dragging with the mouse: most items with duration have start and end circular handles, which you can drag independently of each other.

Thanks, Lillie! I should have mentioned that I’m looking for a key command for this. I find that using the mouse for this is slow and a little fiddly. Consider this a suggestion for a new feature then. :slight_smile:

To move the start position right, I’ve been first shortening the hairpins with shift+option+left and then moving them with option+right. (Or to move start position left, moving with option+left and lengthening with shift+option+right.) Your mileage may vary whether that’s faster or slower than using the mouse, but I prefer it.


Thanks! Yeah, that’s how I’m doing it too. It just feels like there should be a single command to achieve this. A small annoyance, it may seem, but it adds up when having to do several such changes.